Earn 10-15% annually with our secured investment product


Unless you’re a day-trader, today’s equities markets are no longer a reliable vehicle for generating a reasonable return on investment. The cascading bear market, with record-breaking intra-day volatility, has scared many people away from this arena altogether. And let’s face it – the yield on most traditional fixed income products is far too low.


Want to make a great return on your money with a secured investment?

Like to receive monthly interest payments, and not have to worry?

Like additional security when you invest your cash?

If you answered ”Yes!’” to any of these, here are your investment incentives:


Advantages of being a Trust Deed Investor:

  • Earn High rate of return on your money

  • Pick and chose in which deal and property you want to invest.

  • Secured and Safe investment, insured by 1st lien position on title

  • You can use your Retirement Fund; IRA or Cash

  • You will receive residual monthly interest payments on your money

  • Fixed interest rate of return [12-15% Annually]

  • Invest as little as $20K

  • Your money will be protected by 1st position mortgage recorded on the subject property


You will be provided with a property appraisal or valuation report, and full file for transparency. This is to insure that you are able to make a valid decision on each individual deal, before you invest your capital.