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Become a Trust Deed Investor

High return and real estate backed security.

Earn 10-15% annually with our secured investment product

Unless you’re a day-trader, today’s equities markets are no longer a reliable vehicle for generating a reasonable return on investment. The cascading bear market, with record-breaking intra-day volatility, has scared many people away from this arena altogether. And let’s face it – the yield on most traditional fixed income products is far too low.

  • Want to make a great return on your money with a secured investment?
  • Like to receive monthly interest payments, and not have to worry?
  • Like additional security when you invest your cash?
  • If you answered ”Yes!’” to any of these, here are your investment incentives below.

Advantages of being a Trust Deed Investor

You will be provided with a property appraisal or valuation report, and full file for transparency. This is to insure that you are able to make a valid decision on each individual deal, before you invest your capital..

  • Earn High rate of return on your money
  • Pick and chose in which deal and property you want to invest.
  • Secured and Safe investment, insured by 1st lien position on title
  • You can use your Retirement Fund; IRA or Cash
  • You will receive residual monthly interest payments on your money
  • Fixed interest rate of return [12-15% Annually]
  • Invest as little as $20K
  • Your money will be protected by 1st position mortgage recorded on the subject property